Never lose anything again.

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No connection required.

No connection required.

Triochip lets you keep track of what's important by alerting you the second an item is gone or left behind. No app, smartphone, or internet connection required.

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How It Works

  • Power Up

    Activate your TrioChips by simply inserting the battery into each chip.

  • Attach the Chips

    Secure the chips on three things you want to keep your eye on - your keys, wallet, even your pets or kids.

  • Sit back, Relax

    TrioChip is keeping track of your items and is ready to alert you the instant any items go out of range.

Three Simple Chips.

 There is no end to the frustration of not being able to find what you need right when you need it: that's why there are many different ideas to help keep track of the most elusive items. However, these products rely on apps and smartphones to locate items after they're already missing. But here, at Triochip, we had a different idea.  

Triochip has no boundaries about what it can be attached to: it's great for any cell phone, keys, wallet, or just about anything (or anyone) who may go missing. It runs independently of any operating system or app. Best of all, it alerts you the second your items are out of range, so they don't go missing in the first place. 


When will Triochip alert me that something is missing?

Triochip alerts you the instant that one of the chips becomes disconnected. The chips automatically disconnect at a distance of 15 feet.

How do I setup Triochip?

Triochip comes pre-configured and ready to use. All you need to do is insert a battery into the device and attach it to your items you don’t want to lose!

Is my device compatible with Triochip?

Triochip runs independently of any other wireless connection, app, or operating system. No matter what you want to keep track of, or how up to date you are on the latest technological trends, Triochip works the same.

Do I have to charge Triochip?

Each chip requires a single 3v battery life. Batteries have a life of about 6 months, and the Triochips will alert you when batteries are running low.

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